Missing Dogs

This is the Kola-Beanz page dedicated to finding and helping to locate dogs which are missing.

Further details of these missing dogs and many others can be found on our facebook community page specifically designed to search for missing pets.

If you have any information about any of these dogs, please reach out to the Kola-Beanz team - you can contact here


Went missing on 13/02/2018 from North Shropshire (Near St Martins) in the UK - now presumed Stolen

a drawing of a face

GJ is a calm quiet boy who likes his comforts and his family are missing him.  If anyone has any information on his whereabouts, then please get in touch with us at Kola-Beanz asap, so that we can get him back home where he belongs



Stolen on 30/01/2018 from Emersons Green in Bristol, UK.

a dog looking at the camera

Last June this family's 12 year old staffie died of cancer, then 10 days later their other dog had to be put to sleep. Now Honey has been stolen Missing Dogs😓 The children are heartbroken. No family deserves this much heartbreak. Please help us find Honey.

Click on this link to the DogsLost Poster for further details/where to send any information to Honey's whereabouts.



Buddy has been missing since 21/01/2017 from the Hatfield Area (AL10 postcode) in the UK - now presumed Stolen

a close up of a dog

Please call the above numbers (if you are outside the UK, then please dial 0044 and remove the leading 0 prior to calling) if you have any information - lets get Buddy back home to his family!   For further information, please click here for the facebook page set up in support of his return.



Lilly is a brindle/white staffie who has been missing for 5 years from the Plymouth area in the UK

a dog looking at the camera

Lilly is a brindle and white staffy she was born on the 11th April 2012.  She has a scar on her left leg due to an accident where she broke her leg in three places and had a plate fitted as a puppy,  which her owners spent time and money on to fix her.   She is a huge part of the family and missed very much.  She has been missing now for 5 years and her chip is registered to Hannah Louise Wilding.   The chip details are upto date, If anyone has any information of her where abouts in Plymouth her family would be grateful for any information and hope for her safe return.  If you know anything, please contact Kola-Beanz and we will pass on the details



Sally is a Sprocker, who went missing on 6th August 2016, from Darenth, Kent in the UK

a person holding a dog posing for the cameraa dog sitting on the seat of a car

Sally is microchipped and neutered, she is a rescue dog , her owner Brenda Halford will never give up looking for her.  Sally has been gone a long time now and needs to be back home with her family, the pictures above are of I have Sally with long hair and pics of when she has been groomed.  Please help us get Sally home where she belongs!  If you have any information, please do not hesitate to contact Kola-Beanz.



Bob is a Beagle,  who went missing on 30/06/2017 from Ivy Chimneys, Epping in the UK 

a dog sitting on a newspaper

Bob is a male adult, tricolour Beagle - who unfortunately went missing/ran off during his walk late Friday evening on the 30 June 2017.  He has a very distinctive white heart shape on his forehead.  His owners are desperate to have him home.  If anyone knows anything, please do not hesitate to contact the Kola-beanz team.



Mylo is a Chihuahua, who went missing on 18/01/2018 from Sidcup, Kent, DA14 in the UK

a close up of a persona small dog sitting on a bed

Mylo has a family and he is desperately missed, they love him dearly - and would like him to come home asap.  A substantial reward has been offered for his return. Mylo is on the DogsLost website in the UK.  If you have any information about Mylo, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Kola-Beanz team.




Bessie is a Black Labrador, who went missing on 01/02/2018 from Ballinamult, Co Waterford in Ireland

a screenshot of a social media postBessie is a female (spayed) black Labrador retrever who went missing from Ballinamult, Co Waterford in Ireland - She is registered with DogsLost - her family are desperate to have her home ASAP - please either contact the team at Kola-Beanz or via the numbers provided if you have any information about her whereabouts


Fluffy Belle

Fluffy Belle is a Yorkie/Chihuaha who went missing on 24/12/2017 from Bilston, Wolverhampton in the UK

a dog holding a stuffed animal

a close up of a dog
Fluffy is a female 4 year old Yorkshire terrier/Chihuahua who is black/tan.  She is timid and shy dog who unfortunately escaped from her coat on Xmas Eve 2017.  This was in the Bilston area of Wolverhampton.  She is Microchipped and her family are desperate to have her home ASAP - She is missed terribly.   If anyone has any information about her, please contact the numbers above or us at Kola-Beanz.


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