Information about the top brands sold by Kola-Beanz

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About HAAS:

The business Willhelm Haas was grounded in 1919. Initially household items were mainly produced.  In 1984 Ekkehard Vogel took over the company.  The requirement for horse grooming equipment grew and the production range expanded and solidified in this field.

The inserted hand strap was patented by Ekkehard Vogel in 1987.
In all phases, the choice of materials, the production and the quality control are orientated on our motto: “The Basic Care”. The composition of the bristle mixtures, the handcraft know-how, together with the modern technical production ensures the expected high quality standard and the long-life cycle of all HAAS products, for the well-being of the horse as for the comfort of the user.
Surely you will find the grooming accessory you require in the HAAS assortment.
We decline from using nails or similar when producing, we also avoid the use of wooden brush backs.  Only special selected synthetic materials are used in the production of the backs of the brushes.  Some of the reasons why:

  • Hygiene (the brusher are washable)
  • High stability
  • Long-life
  • Easy handling
  • Water resistant
  • Accuracy in assembly
  • Better anchorage of the bristles
  • No Splintering Inserted hand strap, HAAS patent.

The strap is inserted before the bristles are secured into the backs. No nails, no screws, no pins and therefore no risk of injury.  The straps can not loosen or be pulled out.  This guarantees a long-life brush.


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Boobuddy (formerly Booband)  is a new wearable band for women who want additional support, comfort, and confidence when exercising. It can be worn across the top of the breasts and either over or under a sports bra or in fact any regular bra.  Please click this link for further information about how this fantastic product works.


Information About The Top Brands Sold By Kola-Beanz

 About Back on Track:

By combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine, which is supported by scientific studies, Back on Track creates therapeutic products that help horses, dogs, and people achieve a more active and comfortable life.

Back on Track's joint and muscle support products are all made of functional textiles with reflective properties, and the braces are FDA-approved. Our Welltex technology is infused into the fibers of our products, which uses body energy to create a far infrared thermal effect. 

The production takes place in our own factories and each time a new batch is manufactured, an independent university laboratory measures the level of reflected energy and it's wavelength. In this way, we can ensure consistency in quality and efficiency.

Back on Track's head office is based in Uppsala, Sweden. There are subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, England, Finland, Canada, and France. Sales are made through retailers all over Sweden and in Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Iceland, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. New dealers are added all the time, in Sweden and around the world.

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About Equi Safety:

Equisafety is an international specialist company with passion and creative excellence in sophisticated performance reflective sportswear.

We are proud to lead the way in the most advanced technology giving you peak performance when you need it the most. Throughout the years our ground breaking designs have changed the way we look at high viz clothing.

The Iconic POLITE range has been the fastest selling high viz range in the UK and has now become a global best seller.

Equisafety is the most prominent reflective sportswear company in the world. Using highly specialist qualified sportswear designers with a life time experience in chosen sports, we can offer you the ultimate in reflective high viz clothing.

Our chosen markets are Equine, Cycling, Motorbike and Canine. We can be seen at all the major sporting events, where we get to know and understand the market even better.

We also offer an exclusive design and manufacturing service. Many of our private customers consist of an international supermarket, cycling wholesalers, equine wholesalers, police forces and security companies. We are always looking for new and exciting companies to work with and if you think we can help you, please contact Tel – 0151 678 7182

Sometimes it’s like a force fields around me when I’m on my bike, as cars don’t seem to want to get too close to me. It definately gets me noticed.
Stephen Goth



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About Premier Equine England:

Premier Equine England encompasses the company’s modern direction and presents an affordable range of men's and women's equestrian clothing and footwear. A diverse collection that displays a subtle balance of equestrian classics and contemporary performance wear. Discipline specific competition apparel, refined yard attire or sophisticated leisurewear – you can get the look.


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About Premier Equine:

Premier Equine is a leading global brand manufacturing horse turnout rugs and equine accessories. Premier Equine’s advanced rug technology leads the way in product innovation. A wide range of horse and pony products are available, from the best selling Buster Trio year-round turnout rug to summer fly rugs, stable rugs, saddle pads or head collars with matching sets. The brand provides durable high quality products, modern day essentials as well as striking classic looks suitable for any horse’s wardrobe.
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About Spooks:

SPOOKS is a stylish European designed equestrian clothing brand.

SPOOKS offer a functional and high quality collection of casual and competition clothing known for its elegant tailoring, innovative fabrics and fashionable details.

Founded in Germany in 2008, SPOOKS has quickly become one of the leading equestrian clothing brands in Germany, and has since expanded not only across Europe but as far afield as Australia and Mexico.



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