Unique and Exclusive to Kola-Beanz HAAS Brush Deal

Posted by Renee Patience on

Want a set?? - but not sure about spending the money straight away? 

Then don't worry at Kola-Beanz we have an exclusive and unique offer for you :) 

Kola-Beanz - Buy One Brush Now, Buy Set Later ©*

Simply choose one of the body brushes that you would like from the set for your coloured horse (and choose the relevant option from drop down list, on the single brush product page) - We will then send you out a unique customer code which would provide you with the amount of the brush as a discount code to purchase the remaining brushes from the brush set of your choice at a later date!**

That way you are still getting the great value of the brush set (and take advantage of the exclusive discounts offered at Kola-Beanz), but not having to buy at once!  We are convinced that you will love these brushes, so will be back for the set :) but less risk/money outlay to start with - can't say better than that?!

All HAAS Brushes purchased from Kola-Beanz are fully covered by the HAAS manufacturing warranty - so you can be assured that you are purchasing genuine HAAS brushes, with excellent customer service, from a great family run business, plus also getting the Kola-Beanz 'Blue Points' as part of our exclusive loyalty scheme!

* Note if you wish to then go on to purchase one of the sets, this needs to be within 3 months of the purchase of the original brush.   At no point is there a commitment that you 'have' to buy a set within the 3 month period :). The young equestrian brush sets are currently excluded from this offer.

** An example, if you purchase the original brush for €20 and the total cost of the brush set was €60.   We would send you a €20 discount code which could then be used against the remaining brushes of the brush packs (of your choice, so either essential, deluxe or deluxe plus) that we offer for the colour of your horse - therefore in this example, should you decide to purchase the set - the follow on cost would be €40, and you would get all the brushes in set minus the brush that you had already purchased!  The discount code will only be valid for the 3 month period and against the relevant packs for your particular coloured horse.

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