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Please find below a super independent review on the HAAS brushes,  by Equine Cents & Sensibility - Equine and Canine Product Review Page.   For further information, you can visit/like their Facebook page here.

" So - is the hype surrounding the HAAS brushes warranted? I'm sure, like many others who have seen the videos on facebook that the question of are they using professional lighting, pouring super shiney spray over the horse etc was on other peoples mind, just as it was on mine. So heres my review - no fancy lighting, no gimmicks - just me, Cody the horse and the brushes.

All the brushes are really nice to touch - they are well made, comfortable brushes - a good sized comfortable leather handle ensures comfort on the hand when grooming and brush faces are a good size. The brushes are so effective in removing dust, dry flakey bits of skin and dandruff if your horse has it, so the I would recommend in having a curry comb on hand to clean the bristles. I used a metal curry comb.
I LOVED the Diva brush - its so soft, Cody also loved it and dozed off whilst I was using it over him. Its like a finishing tool - just to perfect the horse after using the other brushes
Another thing I noticed was that these brushes brought up Cody's dapples. Something I had not even noticed he had before grooming him with these brushes. a screenshot of a cell phone

So, after trying them all out - is the mass - or haas hysteria warranted?
In my opinion, YES! I am still astounded at the shine on Cody and the lovely soft feel off his coat.
Comfortable to use and Cody thoroughly enjoyed the grooming experience At the end of the day, any product that can make a horse look better whilst making our lives easier, is a must have for me.
The brushes are also extremely reasonable, on a par with all other grooming brush brands, if not cheaper - you can pick and choose individual brushes that you feel are best for your horse's colour."


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