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A fantastic review below from Equine Cents and Sensibility on the Booband/Boobuddy.   

Equine Cents and Sensibility are online equine bloggers from Cork in Ireland - check out their facebook page here.   They do some fabulous reviews on a number of equestrian products!


Ok ladies- let’s talk boobs!! Regardless of how often we avoid it - boobs and horse riding can often be a right pain - literally!! Ok, admittedly it can be a discussion we often avoid - whether through embarrassment, insecurity or just trying to avoid the situation - and whether you are an A cup all the way up to an F cup - boobs can make a woman very self conscious.

I have often ridden in searing heat, particularly at shows, choosing to keep my show jacket on over my shirt to avoid the dreaded “bounce” - and I know from speaking to friends and fellow equestrians, that I am not the only one. Let’s face it - horse riding can be an unforgiving sport, when all eyes are on you in the arena and all you can think about is whether or not your boobs are about to launch out of your shirt !! Also there is the other little question of back ache - particularly for the larger cup ladies - even with sports bras, those babies still move around and can leave you exhausted and sore at the end of a day.

SO!! How does the booband work - the booband literally straps across the top of your chest - as shown in the picture - and straps the boobs down - so it eliminates the bounce, or the jiggle or whatever term you want to use - but essentially - it takes over - where the bra lines stop - offering support from above. So imagine you are doing a sitting trot - I don’t have to go into much description ladies - you know what I mean!! Where you would normally feel your boobs bouncing up and down - with the booband - it creates a barrier from the top - so they stay secure and don’t have as much movement - offering much more comfort - and reassurance when riding - particularly if there are loads of spectators around - let’s face it - you want people to be staring in awe at your amazing equestrian skills - not placing bets on whether you’ll have one or two black eyes by the time you leave the ring!!

Last time I reviewed the Booband, they were only available overseas, but thanks to Kola-Beanz they are now available here in Ireland - so get onto them to get yours today and enjoy a summer of comfortable, non self conscious horse riding in a variety of short sleeved vests - and leave the baggy fleeces at home til next Winter!


Plus further reviews from the BooBand Site itself below - we cannot rate this simple piece of 'boob' equipment enough!

Booband Review

booband review

booband review

booband review

booband review

booband review

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